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Get To Think


Since the release of my book, Get To Be Happy just over a week ago, I have received some incredible feedback. Thank you! From that feedback one recurring question seems to come up:  How do you apply Get To when thinking about things?

We often say or even just “feel” that we “have to” do things in life. As I’ve said in earlier blogs, the opportunity we have with Get To is stepping from a victim viewpoint when you say “I have” to a power viewpoint when you say “I Get To”. As you start to change “I have to” into “I Get To” you feel more in control of your life. But here’s the thing: As you start saying that, you automatically start thinking like that. In fact, after a while you apply this new way of being to all of your thoughts. For example, I was driving the other day and had a random thought of not selling many books and “have to” go look for a job. It only took a few seconds before the Get To kicked in. I thought, “I get to think that. I get to worry. I get to watch my mind travel down that road. I smiled. The worry subsided and I changed my thinking to, “who can I talk to about my book next.”  ?

Thoughts are just thoughts. They aren’t real. Here’s an exercise: Think about winning the lottery for millions of dollars and being rich. I mean, $300 million-size lottery. Now think about dying right now on the spot as you read this. I suppose either could happen, but they’re just thoughts, not real things. So you pretty easily let them go. It’s the same with “worry” thoughts, or any thoughts that take you out of a state of happiness. So when you have a “worry” thought, just notice yourself thinking it and say, “I get to have a worry thought” – Smile – and have that thought.  In that moment, you’ll feel peace. You’ll be in a powerful position to change your thinking to something positive. Do it over and over, and things will start changing for the better in your life. I know, because I do it and it works. Many people are writing to me saying that saying “I Get To” has transformed how they are living. Now, apply it to your thoughts and things really get interesting. GET TO – SMILE – LOVE IT ALL!

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