Interview Questions

Interview Questions

  1. Can you give us a little more detailed background on yourself and what inspired you to write a book about how to be Happy?

  2. You were a bartender for many years, in many different places what did being a bartender teach you about being happy and what lessons did you learn?

  3. What is the Get To Principle?

  4. How does a busy, stressed out business owner maintain a state of happiness and positivity inside and outside of work?

  5. How can they transfer that state and create a culture of happiness with their employees?

  6. You have also met some very famous people, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Nicklaus, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Mother Teresa.  How did they influence you and what was one of the greatest lessons you learned from one of them?

  7. It’s not always easy to maintain a positive and happy attitude, especially in difficult situations in business any suggestions how to overcome the urge to get negative or angry with an employee or a customer?

  8. What’s your answer to the question- Can money and success make you happy?

  9. What was the lowest point in your life and what is the highest point in your life?

  10. There is generally an accepted 5 stages of the grief process.You talk about a 6th Stage what is that?

  11. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us that we haven’t covered?

Ultimate Guide to Happiness

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