The Get To Principle – Part 3 of 5

The Get To Principle – Part 3 of 5


Ok, this is going a little deep, but hang in here — when you get this, it’s powerful.


Life is life unfolding right now. We pretend to understand what it is, but we are lived by powers we can’t understand. We can’t know what life is except by living it. The beauty is you don’t need to pretend. Life is life happening right now and that’s what it is. And you may be afraid you won’t know what to do when the time comes to do whatever, but you will. You’ll know what to do when you get there, now. You are doing it now.

There are no experts. Oprah, Ellen, Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil, whoever, all those guys, really, they are just winging it like all of us in each moment. What it is, is the magic of what it is and, again, you’re doing it right now. The only difference is that maybe you don’t feel your power of being in control that comes with being present in the moment (see blog #2). You are likely (because we’re culturally taught to do so) saying “I have to” or “I gotta” a lot during your days. The secret to getting present is saying “I Get To” instead of I have to. Just that one simple thing, that shift in attitude will make a huge difference.

Listen, I’m not saying you don’t have to go to work. Of course you do, most of us do or we can’t pay the bills. What I am saying is if you say, I Get To go to work and feel compassion for people with no work, and also feel grateful for the “really not so bad boss”, and then smile, your life will change. If you do that everyday, with everything, your life will change. We don’t need to pretend to understand any of it. We just need to say I Get To and smile, and I promise your life will change.

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